Veterinary Hospitals

Pets can’t talk!
And, they typically cannot remind you that they need their meds. Unfortunately, distracted pet owners are hugely out of rhythm with their own life chaos, especially after pet surgeries, spading, neutering and even tooth extractions. Meticap is the perfect "medication seat belt" giving piece of mind to pet owners, especially when keeping track of multiple meds and perhaps multiple animals.

"Honey, did you give the dog his pill today?"

Having multiple caretakers of a pet on meds is oftentimes a daunting risk of communication mishaps where both parents either forget to give the medication, or they both accidentally over-medicate via duplicate dosages. Meticap is an incredibly simple device to tell both caretakers of their Last Dose Taken, or their Next Dose.


Offer Meticap to your customers either as a for-profit retail checkout item (MSRP $4.00), or at no-cost to customers as a service, branding and differentiating opportunity. You can optionally include your logo on the caps for customers to reuse for their pets, or even in their own human world.