Meticap | Medication Timing Cap
Adherence Made Safer & Easier
Meticap is the simplest solution to ensure you take your medication right on time, every time. The simplicity and gadgetry of Meticap “engages” patients toward medication adherence. Meticap is now available after years of research and development and six issued patents.

“Social determinants of health and overall life chaos play a role in patients reasons for non-adherence along with the personal resources they have available to improve their adherence behavior.”
Todd Ruppar, PhD, RN - CDC Public Health Grand Rounds

How It Works

1. Take.

Remove the 1-Clic® cap as usual, take your medications, and replace the cap.

2. Twist.

Twist the top of the dial to the left to index to the next day.

3. Turn.

Turn the vial itself to the right to advance the hours. You're now ready for your next dosage!

Meticap Features

Fits On Your Existing 1-Clic® Pill Vial
The threads in the Meticap line up with your 1-Clic® vial lid for a perfect fit. No tools or special adapters required! Simply twist Meticap onto your existing cap to create the assembly. A helpful tip is to squeeze the view-window and the opposite side while tightening the Meticap onto the 1-Clic® cap threads.
NOTE: The 1-Clic® vial and cap (shown in the photo) is used by many pharmacies around the world including Walgreens®. This vial and cap design is the new industry standard. Meticap does not fit onto the old style of push-and-turn prescription vial caps. 

Low-Tech Solution
Meticap is a no beeps, no bulbs, solution to medication timing. It doesn't need batteries, timers or phone application connections to function. One less distraction and continued pill safety.
“The trick with alarms is that after about a week, a lot of people tend to get tired of things beeping at them, and they stop using the alarms. And so that's where integrating things into daily habits and routines becomes more important”  - Todd Ruppar, PhD, RN- CDC Public Health Grand Rounds
Medication non-adherence results in countless unnecessary negative and sometimes dangerous health outcomes, including rehospitalizations and worse. It also imposes a nearly $300 billion annual cost on the healthcare system in the U.S.

Keep Multiple Medications Isolated & Organized
Keep your pills with the original bottle and prescription label, reducing confusion associated with traditional pill organizers.
Plus, prevent cross contamination of medications, making for easy medication changes.

Reversible Dosage Indicator Ring
Choose whether you want to mark the last time you took your dose or the time the next dose is to be taken. Simply flip the red ring upside-down to change modes.
"Last Dose Taken" - Ideal for medications such as painkillers or anxiety medications to avoid overdoses when the patient is distracted or mentally impaired.
"Next Dose" - Ideal for medications like antibiotics, statins, antiplatelets, beta blockers to keep on track for full recovery.
Reusable Cap
Easily transfer Meticap between vials so you can save money while staying safe.




Meticap increases medication adherence by helping users track medication takes. Create another revenue stream for your pharmacy with this easy add-on purchase.


Life is busy and it's easy to lose track of your medication schedule. Whatever you have going on, Meticap can take care of your medication timing for you.


Meticap helps caregivers ensure that their patients' medication is taken right on time, reducing the risk of missed doses or overdose.


Make it easy to track medication schedules for multiple animals, streamlining the medication process and improving adherence.


Insurance companies incur the most financial consequences from patient non-adherence via hospital readmissions.

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Ready for Simple Pill Safety?

Did you know medication errors harm at least 1.5 million people every year? Take your medication safely with Meticap.