Meticap for Healthcare Providers

Improve patient adherence and offer reusable Meticaps to your patients for their outpatient medications.

Optionally, include Meticap for employee prescriptions with your in-house fulfillment centers...this will educate your doctors, nurses, internists and residents on how to teach their own patients.

Custom Branding Available
There is a 1-inch space on the top of the cap to include a QR code and/or the practice or hospital name.
Meticap as a service - providing this incredibly simply adherence tool can leave a lasting impression on your patients. Our custom-branded option has space for your logo, your QR code, or any other custom art.
Hospitals Are Already Overcrowded
The last thing that hospitals need is a patient being admitted for lack of medication adherance which could have been prevented.
Medication Non-Adherence:
  • Total prescriptions — adjusted for prescription length — reached 6.7 billion in 2022, up from 6.1 billion in 2018. (1)
  • The total cost of looking after patients with medication-associated errors exceeds $40 billion each year, with over 7 million patients affected. (2)


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2) Tariq, R. A., Vashisht, R., Sinha, A., & Scherbak, Y. (2023). Medication Dispensing Errors and Prevention. In StatPearls. StatPearls Publishing.

"Medication adherence has been linked with clinical outcomes. So, for many conditions, good adherence is also associated with reduced mortality. And, poor medication adherence is associated with higher rates of hospital admissions, readmissions, and significant healthcare costs.”
Todd Ruppar, PhD, RN - CDC Public Health Grand Rounds