About Meticap
The origin of a simple idea.
In 2000, on a Wednesday morning, I was attending an Oracle database class. I had been taking an antibiotic twice a day that week for a sinus infection. That morning, while feeling horrible and sleep deprived, I could not remember if I had taken my morning dose.
"What should I do?! Should I double up or wait until my next dose?"
I looked down at the time on my divers' watch and that was the a-ha moment! I was fidgeting with the rotating bezel on my watch and came up with the idea of a dial that could be set on a prescription vial cap. I sketched it out and that is where the journey began years ago.
Meticap is a six-times patented, simple, medication timing cap made to help you take your medication correctly (also known as adherence or staying in compliance). This life-changing tool offers a no batteries, beeps, or bulbs solution to an increasingly common and dangerous problem.
My name is Marc Mataya. We’re making meds safer for all with Meticap. (Medication+timing+cap.)