Meticap For Pharmacy/Retail

Benefits of Selling Meticap
  • Differentiate your pharmacy by offering Meticap to care about their adherence
  • Retail profit margin add-on/upsell revenues
  • Easy add-on purchase on mobile app, in store or online
  • Reusable and sustainable compared to a massive footprint of blister pack waste
  • More consistent/predictable refills from customers
  • Custom branding and QR code options to lock in your brand exposure
Our mantra of "Take. Twist. Turn." is incredibly simple messaging to patients. Our robust retail point-of-purchase solutions include motion displays with videos and graphics that loop for customers to view. The mere "gadgetry" of the product alone captivates audiences and entices the patient to pay closer attention to their adherence.
Ensure your patients take their medication right on time, every time. Meticap increases medication adherence by helping usings track "Last Dose Taken" or "Next Dose".

From the CDC Grand Rounds presentation...

Blister packs might seem like a good solution, but the amount of waste per patient is incredibly daunting. Plus, someone is paying for that expensive packaging and labor. Reusable Meticaps are the sustainable solution and they isolate different medications by keeping them in their original labeling.