How To Use The Meticap

Take. Twist. Turn.

Remove the 1-Clic® cap as usual, take your medications, and replace the cap.



Twist the top of the dial to the left to index to the next day of the week. Optionally, use the blank space to just record hours.

Turn the vial itself to the right to advance the hours, or use the Sun or Moon icon for day or night.
You're now ready for your next dosage!

Initial Assembly

  1. The Meticap is just the top timing cap goes onto your existing prescription vial. 
  2. The Meticap initially gets installed onto the 1-Clic cap by simply screwing it down via the threads on cap. Once this "assembly" is complete, you will remove the entire assembly going forward to take your meds.
  3. Start with an existing prescription 1-Clic vial and cap that are closed with the threads side up. Note that currently Meticaps fit the standard-sized PM-10 vial and not the wider or smaller vials which are rarely used in the industry.
  4. Next, screw the Meticap onto the 1-Click vial cap. You will tighten this cap to be slightly snug by squeezing the view window face plus the opposite side which engages a hidden tooth to keep it from turning the time dial.
  5. That's it! Your reusable Meticap is now ready to go! You can optionally choose to take the assembly over to your new prescription, or you could unscrew the Meticap from the old vial and screw it onto the new one. Note that squeezing the view window side is what keeps it from spinning. For multiple simultaneous prescriptions, we recommend that you use multiple Meticaps so that your meds always stay with their dosage and safety labels.

Dosage Indicator

  1. The top red ring is the dosage indicator that allows you to record the "Last Dose Taken" or the "Next Dose".
  2. To change from one mode to the other, use your fingernail or butterknife to pry up the tab section to dislodge the ring from the cap.
  3. Flip the ring upside down and replace it into the same slotted area until it clicks back into place.